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Here’s Everything We Know About ‘My Brilliant Friend’ Season 4

My Brilliant Friend season 4 is on its way—and it’s slated to be the final chapter in the story of Elena Greco and Lila Cerullo. Here’s everything we know!

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My Brilliant Friend season 4 cast

As the series moves through the decades of Elena and Lila’s lives, the characters gradually grow older, and season 4 is introducing new cast members to reflect those changes. In fact, season 3 ends by introducing one of those new cast members, with Elena looking in the mirror and seeing an older version of herself looking back.

While we don’t have a full cast list yet, we do know who will be playing the season 4 leads. Elena will be played by Alba Rohrwacher (The Lost Daughter), while Lila will be played by Irene Maiorino (Gemorrah). Fabrizio Gifuni will play Nino Sarratore, the charismatic writer whom Elena has long loved from afar.

My Brilliant Friend season 4 plot

Like Elena Ferrante’s original novel Those Who Leave and Those Who Stay, on which the TV series is based, the third installment of My Brilliant Friend ends on an explosive note. Elena, enjoying newfound fame and success as a writer, finds herself unsatisfied with her marriage to the scholarly Pietro. Lila, meanwhile, struggles to survive in the brutal environment of a meatpacking plant. When Nino comes back into Elena’s life, she makes the startling decision to leave her family in order to be with him.

The fourth novel in Ferrante’s Neapolitan Quartet, The Story of the Lost Child, continues Elena and Lila’s stories throughout the rest of their adulthood into the present day. Without spoiling anything, the novel is filled with some heart-wrenching twists—and the TV adaptation is likely to be dramatic, too.

My Brilliant Friend release window

My Brilliant Friend season 4 is currently filming, so although there’s no formal release window announced so far, the new season will come eventually. Realistically, we can expect it to drop sometime in 2024 at the earliest.

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