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Hells Paradise Anime Season 2 Release Window, Cast, Plot, and More

This is what we call a "hell yeah."

It’s a bigger “hell yeah” than finding out we get to say goodbye to Mike Pence. A bigger “hell yeah” than these Halloween horror flicks. It’s Hell’s Paradise, baby. And it’s coming back.

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It’s a bigger “hell yeah” than finding a worm in your apple (if you’re a bird). It’s a bigger “hell yeah” than Satan says when he hears about the current state of world affairs. It’s a bigger “hell yeah” than the invention of sliced bread.

Oh, you want details? Alright, let’s talk about what we know.

What is Hell’s Paradise about?

The story follows a man named Gabimaru, formally known as “Gabimaru the Hollow,” but unlike Prince, his name shift wasn’t because he changed it to a symbol or something. It was because he was tired of killing people. Gabimaru the Hollow was an infamous ninja who was eventually captured and sentenced to death for his many assassinations. However, he manages to avoid many of his executions, leading the government to believe that he is truly unkillable.

Rather than continue to try to execute him (because look how well that turned out), the Shogunate orders him to travel to the island of Hell’s Paradise and return with the elixir of life in order to atone for his crimes. This is hardly an island getaway, considering that everyone who has ever set foot on Hell’s Paradise has never been seen again.

Accompanied by a group of other unsavory death row convicts, Gabimaru must brave an island full of dangerous creatures and supernatural inhabitants in order to return home. Easier said than done.

Will the season one cast return?

They certainly will! Here’s the voice cast for the English and Japanese dubs.

Japanese Voice Cast:

  • Gabimaru – Chiaki Kobayashi
  • Sagiri – Yumiri Hanamori
  • Yuzuriha – Rie Takahashi
  • Senta – Daiki Yamashita
  • Gantetsusai Tamiya – Tetsu Inada
  • Fuchi Yamada Asaemon – Aoi Ichikawa
  • Shion – Chikahiro Kobayashi
  • Nurugai – Makoto Koichi

English Voice Cast:

  • Gabimaru – Alejandro Saab
  • Sagiri – Marisa Duran
  • Yuzuriha – Jill Harris
  • Senta – Jordan Dash Cruz
  • Gantetsusai Tamiya – Phil Parsons
  • Fuchi Yamada Asaemon – Justin Briner
  • Shion – Reagan Murdock
  • Nurugai – Cassie Ewulu

When does season 2 come out?

I have good news and bad news …

The bad news is that we don’t exactly know when season two of Hell’s Paradise will be released. The air date is as shrouded in secrecy as the island itself! Considering that the studio behind the series, MAPPA, only recently finished up the blockbuster Final Chapters of Attack on Titan AND is likely developing a new season of Chainsaw Man, it could be a while …

The good news is … WE HAVE A TRAILER.

(featured image: MAPPA)

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