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Guy Orders Custom Size 14.5 Slipper, Company Sends Size 1,450 Instead

27-year-old Tom Boddingham’s feet are different sizes; his right foot is a size 13, and his left foot is a size 14.5. He ordered a pair of custom-made slippers to fit his differently-sized feet, but the manufacturers in China misread the decimal point in the larger, size 14.5 slipper, and produced a size 1,450 slipper instead and shipped it out to Boddingham. The slipper measures 7 feet long, and is large enough to comfortably fit a person inside for use as a very odd sleeping bag.

Boddingham notes the size and mentions his a plan for the accidental slipper:

“It was sent directly from Hong Kong and measures 210 x 130 x 65cms — the same length as a grizzly bear or a family car. I reckon I must be the owner of the biggest slipper in the world.

I’m going to sell it online and if I can make a few quid out of it then all the better.”

A spokesman for the company who made the slipper, Monster Slippers — aptly named after taking one look at the slipper design — said the slipper was produced due to a “translation error,” and they have apologized to Boddingham and are sending out a slipper with the proper size. Interestingly, the factory workers didn’t give much though to the odd-sized slipper, as they simply thought it was a prop for a window display.

(Mirror via The Daily What)

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