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People Have Harry Potter-Themed Weddings, and Here are the Highlights

Almost Totally Excellent

Dear hypothetical future fiance, I apologize in advance. Because I have just discovered a very dangerous thing: These couples had Harry Potter-themed weddings. And they were so badass.

And you thought me wanting to name our kids after the characters was bad.

Follow the jump for highlights from the weddings.

Whether the couples chose to plan their weddings this way because they met through the series or just because of a mutual love for it, they took what could have been a cartoonish recreation and made it really classy and beautiful.

They even provided their own Hogwarts Express.

Sent out these super-classy Hogwarts-acceptance-style invitations, with an owl (we’ll assume it’s Hedwig) on the wax seal.

One couple posed near what one article refers to as Godric’s Hollow; we think it looks a bit more like Hagrid’s cabin. Either way it’s quite beautiful.

They provided every guest with their own personalized wand, after which they got to be sorted.

Just look how much fun they’re all having!

It’s just so totally wizard, you know?

(via Bridal Guide)

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