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Got 60 Seconds? You Can Find Out What Happened In All Eight Harry Potter Movies. [Video]

There's An Apparate For That

If you have found yourself in the deep, deep conundrum of not having read any of the seven Harry Potter books or seen any of the eight Harry Potter movies, and you have exactly 60 seconds to find out what happened, then you have come to the right place (if you are reading this right now)! This video outlines pretty everything you need to know about the entire series, even though Voldemort was slightly more menacing than a balloon with a face drawn on it. But at least now, you will definitely be able to nod with recognition when someone mentions horcruxes.

Quick note: This video is actually an entry in the Virgin Radio Fake Film Festival, and you can vote on it here! The filmmakers also have a Facebook page so you can see how that’s going.

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