Harry Potter Horse Is All Dressed Up For the Hogwarts Express

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I’m not saying that Daniel Radcliffe likes horses in that way. In fact, it’s a safe bet he doesn’t. But if hypothetically, the Harry Potter star had gotten any ideas while naked on stage with the horses in Equus, and he hypothetically acted on those ideas, then we could hypothetically end up, 11 months later, with this: An adorable wizarding horse with a lightning-bolt scar (which really doesn’t seem like it should be heritable).

Actually, we have confirmation that this horse is not of that origin. First of all, I’m sure they were pretty watchful of the horses on stage. Second of all, my science friends inform be that a human could not actually breed with a horse (who knew?). Third of all, TMZ reports that this costume is in fact the work of The Horse Tailor. The Costa Rican company is exactly what you think it is. Whether you’re going to the Renaissance fair or out for Halloween, they can make your horse companion look super snazzy. And you shouldn’t need any more proof that they do good work than the picture above. Isn’t that, hands down, the most adorable horse you have ever seen in your life? Even with just the glasses, it would be too cute to trot.

But if Harry Potter isn’t your thing, there’s always The Dark Horse. It’s the horse that you deserve, but not the horse you need right now.

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