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Voldemort Baby Doll May be Most Terrifying Thing You’ll See Today (But! BABIES!)

what is this I don't even

So. Baby doll artist Tracy Ann Lister has created a series of Harry Potter-themed baby dolls, including Baby Voldy (pictured above), Baby “Wolverine” Lupin, Baby Dobby, Baby Snape, Baby Ginny, Baby Tonks, and Baby Harry, as well as others. And while most of them very much warrant a response of “My eyes. MY EYES. (Also IT’S EYES),” the Ginny, Tonks, and Harry ones are shockingly pretty cute. But I might be having nightmares about getting attacked by Baby Voldy tonight. Follow jump to see the rest of the dolls. (They’re less terrifying, I promise)


Ginny Weasley.

Did they mean to make Lupin look like Wolverine?



The Boy Who Lived looks surprisingly life-like. And squishable.


Even Baby Severus is skeptical. (Oh god tiny Death Eater button)

Lol Draco what are you doing.

OMG Baby Luna. I might die.

You can find (and buy) the rest of the collection on Ebay.

(via i09)

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