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Hark! A Meme!: Fanart Gives Us More of “Strong Female Characters”

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The latest thoroughly enjoyable nugget from Hark, a vagrant: is totally getting around the internet. Better not think of that in a slutty way though, otherwise the “Strong Female Characters” might find you and kick your ass.

The bad broads conceived by Kate Beaton, Carly Monardo and Meredith Gran are part camp, part commentary, and they’re on the way to tiny meme-status. The hashtag #strongfemales has some serious leg, not to mention a brand new fan-art tumblr, managed by Monardo herself. Follow the jump for some image-rich, curve intensive fan art.

Mike Horowitz drew this little doodle on notebook paper. And we hope it’s never un-did.

Jeph Jacques draws the comic Questionable Content. He also draws a mean strong female.

Carly Monardo has been kicking it into strong female overdrive. She drew this awesome number and manages the fan-art tumblr.

Kevin Czapiewski.

Kate or Die! is responsible for this bout of badass and much more at her tumblr.

And if that’s not enough, there’s more out there. Perhaps a fan quiz to determine your strong female personae will occupy your time while we wait for more fan art to accumulate. Make it so internet!

(Thanks to Lexie for some impressive tips!)

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