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Subversive Power Armor Hardsuits for LEGO Friends to Wear Into Battle

Pulverizing gender stereotypes, one fully weaponized minifig at a time.


The LEGO Friends line of products is a black mark on LEGO’s otherwise impressive recent record of gender-neutral marketing, but as the SuperFriends Project demonstrated earlier this year, just because the toys themselves might be less than awesome doesn’t mean master builders can’t give the minifigs a radical makeover.

Flickr user Jeffrey Wilson built Blacktron and M-Tron Hardsuits for LEGO Friends Olivia, Stephanie and Mia a while back which are a great example of critically consuming a problematic product. Everyone should have the option of purchasing minifigs with traditionally feminine attributes and interests if they’re so inclined, but the Hardsuit Friends serve as a reminder that marauding through space and working at a juice bar don’t need to be mutually exclusive or gendered activities!

You can check out Wilson’s work in more detail below! What do you think, gang?

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(via LEGOGenre, images via Jeffrey Wilson on Flickr)

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