Celebrate the Anniversary of The X-Files With Some Hilarious Bloopers

Because you can never have enough blooper reels.
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23 years ago today, The X-Files premiered on Fox–and our desire to believe in the existence of extraterrestrials was never the same again. It’s hard to believe it’s been that long since Agent Dana Scully was first assigned to work on the X-Files project with Agent Fox Mulder–even though her real assignment was to debunk his efforts.

Over the course of its initial nine seasons, two feature films and this year’s revival, however, even Scully herself came around to the concept that there really was strange alien life out there in our unassuming world–and X-Files fans both old and new have been more than happy to follow the path of those two FBI agents over the last couple of decades.

While the prospect of an eleventh season is still a conversation that’s being had (no doubt to try and nail down lead actors Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny for a committed filming schedule), both Scully and Mulder themselves have expressed interest in returning.

In celebration of the first season of The X-Files, though, let’s watch some bloopers and continue to marvel at just what babies Mulder and Scully were (especially in that pilot!):

Let’s talk season one, X-Philes! What are some of your favorite early episodes? (“Ice”, which is the one inspired by The Thing, is definitely on my top ten list, but honorable mentions also go to “Beyond the Sea”, “Squeeze” and definitely “Darkness Falls.” In short, my favorite X-Files eps seem to be when Mulder and Scully get stranded in a remote place with strange phenomena–which is basically the plot of almost every X-Files episode.)

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