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Have We Talked About How Fantastic the Ships Are in ‘Hades?’ We Have? Cool, Let’s Do It Again

Go to them.

Hades lets Zagreus have two partners

Hades will always and forever be one of my favorite indie games of all time. There’s just so much to love about the game, so much so that I found myself replaying it over and over again even after I finished the main quest and started to get along with Hades. One of the game’s strongest factors is its characters and the relationships between everyone—be it platonic, romantic, or romantic in a way you didn’t expect. As you can guess by the headline, I’ll be focusing on some of my favorite ships, though to be honest, when you’re dealing with extremely charismatic, attractive gods, you’ll be shipping everyone with everyone (and if you don’t they will themselves).

Yes, Zagreus, Megaera and Thanatos know about each other, now get in bed

Hades game Zag joining Meg and Than
(Image: Supergiant Games)

Probably the most infamous ship in the game, Hades does something that no one saw coming. Zagreus, Megaera, and Thanatos use the word AND instead of OR—not just because Meg and Than both care for Zagreus, but because all three of them get along with each other. Meg starts out as Zagreus’ ex-girlfriend with Than as his childhood friend, but both aren’t happy with Zagreus trying to leave the Underworld. I went in assuming you would, at least, work things out with Meg, then was pleasantly surprised to see Than as an option, then STUNNED when I got to the point where you could be with both.

What’s nice is that part of the game’s story is Zagreus working things out with both of them. We get to see how they feel about Zagreus constantly trying to leave and how much that complicates things for them, and you actually have to take your time and have conversations before you work up to the point of having any sort of romantic involvement with either character.

Zagreus, even if he’s romantically involved with both of them, will have separate moments with them as well. In my playthrough, for example, Meg has been in my room more than Than (to which Zagreus – and me – replied with a confident yes ma’am), and sometimes, as a treat, they’ll both be there. By the end of it all I didn’t want to choose one over the other, and, well, I didn’t have to.

Dusa and Zagreus? Dusa and Megaera? Yes to all

Dusa explaining her feelings
(Image: Supergiant Games)

Dusa is the cutest little shade to ever carry around a feather duster in the Underworld. Her flustered interactions with Zagreus are precious, especially when you get to the end of her romantic route. Over time, she’s discovered that she’s not interested in an intimate relationship. At all. Not only does Zagreus support the idea of just being friends, but to him, friendship is its own kind of love, so there’s nothing wrong with being satisfied with friendship. The fact that “friendship” gets the same kind of romance route as Meg and Than is fantastic. Dusa doesn’t have to be in a physically intimate relationship for her and Zagreus to feel love for each other.

Throughout the game, I also got that same kind of vibe with Dusa and Meg. It’s clear to me that Meg thinks the world of Dusa, and vice versa, which makes me think that they had the same kind of friendship talk that Dusa and Zagreus did. Honestly, I just want everyone to love Dusa, and to me, both Zagreus and Meg do.

Zagreus’ two moms: Nyx and Persephone (Hades knows)

Hades Persephone in the Underworld
(Image: Supergiant Games)

While the game focuses on Hades’ love for Persephone, Nyx (Than’s mom and Zagreus’ caretaker after Persephone left) also speaks very fondly of her. It’s easy to see that she also misses Persephone, and when Persephone eventually returns she expresses her affection for Nyx, too. I’m convinced that Nyx and Persephone were close (and still are), and Hades is perfectly fine with it because he just wants Persephone to be happy. Zagreus has a dad and two moms is what I’m saying. It’s not as plainly stated as, say, Zagreus’ throuple, but it’s so obvious to me that Persephone had relationships with more than just Hades—and still does. Ma’am. You can’t fool me. I know what you are.

Hello there, Ares and Thanatos

Ares talking about Thanatos
(Image: Supergiant Games)

I blame fandom for this one … until I reached certain dialogue Ares had, then I understood what fandom meant. Ares speaks very highly of Than, which makes sense since Than is death itself. Before I hit any of those moments of dialogue I discovered a LOT of headcanons and fanart between the two, and, look, I’m a simple woman, okay? The fandom kept me well-fed on sinfully delicious content, then when I finally got to the part where Ares talks about Than I whispered, “Oooooh.”

Ares reveals that he and Than are very close associates since, you know, he’s the God of War. Not only does he appreciate how Than approaches death, but he compliments you for dating him, calling him a perfect choice of mate. Ares and Than have definitely been intimate with each other – hell, maybe they still are.

The husbands: Achilles and Patroclus (there’s room for Zagreus, too)

Achilles talking about his love
(Image: Supergiant Games)

At some point in your playthrough of Hades, you realize that Zagreus kind of becomes a relationship fix—whether or not the couple agrees to his interference. As much as he wants to reach the surface he also wants what’s best for the people he cares about. As you talk with Achilles (Zagreus’ teacher) you find out about his relationship with Patroclus, who’s up in Elysium lamenting everything that happened that led to him being there. Achilles made a deal with Hades so Patroclus could reside in Elysium after he was killed, but that means Achilles can never leave the Underworld.

Zagreus realizes that these two really need to talk to each other again which, of course, takes a bit of doing (and a lot of encouragement). Like a lot of things in the game, there are a lot of random factors to get through in order to begin repairing their relationship. In my playthrough, I ran into Achilles a whole lot more than I did Patroclus, so that alone made this quest take a while. It was worth it in the end, because you do reach a point where Achilles will be able to see Patroclus again. Thanks to fandom, though, I’m convinced that Zagreus “celebrates” with both of them from time to time.

The other couple Zagreus helped: Eurydice and Orpheus

Eurydice talking about Orpheus
(Image: Supergiant Games)

Another example of Zagreus interfering in places he’s told not to, Orpheus misses his beloved Eurydice more than anything while she is, rightfully, still angry about how things went down between them. The two of them could’ve returned to the land of the living had Orpheus not looked back (an odd requirement, sure, but still a requirement). Since he did look back, she had to return to the Underworld forever, and Orpheus has been upset about it ever since.

Zagreus tries to patch things up between them and it, admittedly, takes some time since Eurydice is still sore about the whole thing. That being said, she does still love Orpheus, and the two are able to be reunited again (with some side questing, of course). This also means that you’re treated to a beautiful duet from them on occasion when Orpheus is able to visit Eurydice in Asphodel.

Theseus doesn’t deserve Asterius, but damn I like them (but seriously, Asterius, Zagreus is right there)

Theseus blames Zagreus for his own mistakes
(Image: Supergiant Games)

Listen. Theseus is a little bitch. Everyone knows it. Even your most chill cousin, Dionysus, doesn’t vibe with him. I know in my heart of hearts that the handsome minotaur, Asterius, deserves better, and Zagreus has no problem pointing it out (seriously, Asterius, Zagreus is right in front of you). But as I played more of the game I couldn’t help but feel a bit … charmed by how overdramatic Theseus is. His throwing a tantrum because Asterius points out Zagreus’ abilities is such pissy, jealous behavior. I don’t LIKE Theseus, but I am terribly amused by him and how Asterius has to reassure him that nothing can break their bond (except Theseus himself).

Which ‘Hades’ ships have your heart?

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