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I’m Saving up All of My Nectar for This Amazing Line of ‘Hades’ Merch


Hades Dusa plush from Fangamer

To my absolute delight, we’re getting more official Hades merchandise so I can build my collection of trinkets from the Underworld. I’ve already fangirled over (and preordered) this adorable Zagreus Nendoroid (and will be doing the same for Than), but to me, you can never have too much from Hades. As one of my favorite games to be released in the last couple of years, I’ve been wanting to line my shelves with plush, figures, and other merchandise from the series. The folks over at Fangamer have decided to appease me (and MANY other fans, I’m sure) with an entire Hades collection that includes a talking Desu, some fantastically designed T-shirts, and enamel pins that can’t fit in my ita bag but that’s not gonna stop me from buying them.

What’s available

Hades game shirt of Zagreus
(Image: Supergiant Games/Fangamer)

Adorable Plush: The first thing that made my heart go pitter patter was the two plush being offered. One is, obviously, the good boy Cerberus, who has three heads for patting. The second is best girl Dusa, who comes with a feather duster and who actually talks when you push down on her head! Batteries are included because Dusa is a floating head who’s always prepared.

Badass shirts: I’m sure no one is surprised that “step on me please, Megaera” is already sold out, but it’s worth checking the shirt out and being notified when it gets restocked. The design for it (by Nina Matsumoto, who also designed Cerberus) is stunning, right down to the details on the sleeves. While we wait for Meg to return to us, there’s this cool Zagreus shirt that reminds us that there is no escape.

Fantastic art: There are two pieces of art you can get from the game – four technically since one is a set of prints. The Underworld Triptych Print Set is painted by the game’s environment artist (Joanne Tran) and art director (Jen Zee). The set of three prints is 18 x 24 inches and is printed on heavy, conservation-grade cotton-fibre paper. The Chthonic Gods Poster is also 18 x 24 inches and is illustrated by Jen Zee.

Art of Meg and Zag fighting
(Image: Joanne Tran and Jen Zee)

Something for the pin heads: Unsurprisingly, the enamel pins are sold out, too (save for Mama Nyx) but you can be notified when Zag, Meg, and Than return.

A sweet controller: If you’re someone who plays Hades on the Nintendo Switch (or just want Zagreus on a controller while you play any Switch game) there’s this wireless controller here. Along with immortalizing Zag, the controller is decorated with different symbols from the game.

The soundtrack, bless: I can’t say for certain whether or not the soundtrack was the first to go, but the music of Hades is a triumph, so I’m not surprised that it’s sold out – for now.

Hades Cerberus plush
(Image: Supergiant Games/Fangamer)

(Featured image: Supergiant Games/Fangamer)

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