Zagreus in Hades trailer fighting the Bone Hydra in Asphodel to ascend to Elysium.

Our Favorite Greek Mythology Action RPG Is Coming to Our Phones Courtesy of Netflix

Everybody who loves dungeon crawlers fell in love with Hades. Set in the Greek Underworld, many gamers became heavily invested in helping Zagreus search for the truth about his mother and the surface world. Every aspect of the game, from its plot, characters, art, gameplay, and voice acting, was praised. Supergiant Games, the indie game developer responsible for the game, gained critical acclaim and multiple awards for Hades.

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For a game that helps a fledgling demigod escape his overpowered and distant dad’s house, Hades gained a cult following and is soon to have a sequel. But Hades fans are going to be well-fed with content in the meantime since Netflix recently announced that Hades will be made available to IOS users by next year.

This is great news for anybody who doesn’t have access to powerful PCs or PlayStation consoles, or for gamers who prefer to play on the go but don’t own a Nintendo Switch. It’s still unknown how controls will be adapted into IOS in contrast to other platforms. It might turn out well since Hades needs gamers with incredibly fast hands if they are to clear the stages of the Underworld multiple times until Hades himself gets sick of his son’s antics.

Hades isn’t just about the chronicles of Zagreus escaping his dad’s house with the help of his distant Greek God family in Olympus. It’s also a game about family, relationships, and life and death. The more Zagreus fails to escape, the thicker the plot gets. Relationships between the gods, demi-gods, the Erinyes, and the dead found in the underworld are explored as the reason why Zagreus is stuck in the Underworld comes further to light.

There are more games coming to mobile courtesy of Netflix, so a new phone might be in order if anybody wants to run them. It’s also unclear how heavy these games would be on mobile since many popular cross-platform games typically have large file sizes.

(featured image: Supergiant Games)

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