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This Exists: A Gundam Car Navigator That Lets You Fight Battles as You Get to Your Destination

There's an appa for that

Ever feel unproductive in the mornings? Wish you could conquer some battles on your way to work? Now you can, Gundam-style.

A new proposed series of iPhone navigation applications has been launched, based around Gundam and offering not only the standard navigation features, but “battle events” that allow you to defeat some enemies as you drive.

Don’t worry, the app only requires you to drive past the location of the enemy Mobile Ship to defeat them, so unless you get a little bit too into it, it should infringe on your driving ability. It will track your score as you go, as well.

The app is currently only available for Japanese iPhone 4 and 3GS owners, and costs about $45 a year, but at least the concept’s cool?

Personally, I think GamePro said it best: “If LucasArts doesn’t steal this idea and make a Star Wars trench run navigation app, it’s missing a massive opportunity.”

(GamePro via Andria Sang)

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