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Dropping a Five Pound Gummy Bear Into Boiling KClO₃ Creates a Giant Oozing Fireball of Terror

Yay, science?

Maybe it’s because I just watched Akira last night, but this video is triggering very uncomfortable flashbacks. Not to that scene with the giant creepy stuffed bear, either — to the end of the movie. Of course, I’m just sensitive. Those who haven’t just had their brains blown out with body horror will probably dig this explosion.

As any good chemistry student knows, when you heat potassium chlorate and drop something with sugar in it — like a gummy bear, for example — the thermal decomposition produces potassium chloride and a whole lot of oxygen, which violently oxidizes the sugar in the bear and sets it on fire with the righteous fury of a thousand suns. Most people try this experiment using regular-shaped gummy bears, but since novelty website Vat19 has these giant ones at their disposal, they went a bit of a different direction.

This isn’t the first time Vat19 has subjected their five pound, fifty-one serving, 6,120 calorie candy to rigorous abuse disguised as scientific testing. In previous videos they’ve also attempted to blend them, kick them, and do all sorts of really horrific things. Tetsuo would be so proud.

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