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The Party Bear is a 26 Pound, 32,000 Calorie Gummi Bear

Have you ever been eating out of a 34 fluid ounce bowl and suddenly thought to yourself, “Man, it sure is a shame that this 34 fluid ounce bowl isn’t the inverted stomach of a 26 pound, 32,000 calorie gummi bear“? If so, then the 26 pound, 32,000 calorie Party Bear, complete with 34 fluid ounce inverted stomach bowl, might just be for you. The bears are available from Vat19 for a cool $200, an excellent investment if ever there was one. Pick up a green apple one, put some creepy orange briefs on it, and maybe it’ll start singing for you.

Check out a surprisingly awesome music video that actually pertains to the Party Bear below.

(via That’s Nerdalicious!)

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