9 Swear Words Spelled Out in Gummy Candies Because Why the Hell Not

George Carlin would be so proud. My parents, probably not so much.

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Today the Geekosystem crew got lunch together at a local deli, and I found a bag of alphabet-shaped Haribo gummy snacks. Naturally we decided that the best course of action was to spell out as many curse words as we could and share them with all of you. Isn’t that nice of us?

As you might guess from the whole “curse words” thing, the following gallery is technically NSFW. You know, unless you work at a really fun place like I do where you’re allowed to say out whatever you want using pre-packaged gelatin letters. Your call.

[geekovision id=278]

If you’re wondering whether or not I’m afraid to eat any of them now in case I get another really great idea for something obscene I can spell out, the answer is yes — yes, I am. Please send more gummy letters so I can eat some.

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