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The Punk Justice League of America

Warren EllisRemake/Remodel forum challenge happens weekly, and so as responsible people we try to only feature the ones that are totally super make-you-squeal awesome, because otherwise we would post from it every week.

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This most recent challenge was to imagine what it would look like if the manager of the Sex Pistols got the rights to the Justice League in 1977 and made a movie of them.  We bet you can already guess whether the entries fit our criteria.

(Below lies the occasional nipple, of both male and female varieties.  Just so you know.)

(Click any to see them bigger.)

Our favorites were from posters Ed Sludden


Ken Miller





And a late entry that became the clear favorite in the thread, Annie Wu.

From the fish hook earring on Aquaman to Wonder Woman’s golden microphone cord and the exact pairing of character with instrument, this picture is nothing but win.

Check out the whole thread here.

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