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State of the Virtual Reality Union: How Is the Industry Doing, and Where Is It Going From Here?

Unlike the failed 1990s VR revolution, it looks like this time VR is here to stay, so here is a look at the current state of VR for gaming.

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Where to Move to in the United States if You’re Trans

We should start looking for safety, and in the U.S., one of the best ways to improve your life is to move away from states that don’t have equality.

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Harassment in the Comics Industry, and How to End It: An Investigation

The comics industry is in deep trouble.

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Review: Caitlyn Jenner’s I Am Cait Reality Show, Episode 2

Reality TV is a parallel to reality, it’s been packaged and polished; Caitlyn Jenner’s I Am Cait delivers this unreality. A lot of people love this kind of TV, but I’m not one of them. So before I even try to unpack the content of the show, I struggle with its format. Last week, I was largely positive toward Caitlyn personally, as well as the show; for one of those, it’s about to change.

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The Geek Girl’s Look at Microsoft’s Windows 10

Microsoft had to act fast after the Windows 8 debacle. People were unhappy with the new OS and the adoption rate was even slower than Vista’s. Huge numbers of people remained on Windows 7 because it worked better on non-touchscreen devices. Even now, 60% of users are on Windows 7 with only 13% on Windows 8—almost the same number as XP, which launched over a decade ago on April 2005.

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Review: Some Thoughts On I Am Cait

"In some ways, I Am Cait is training wheels for white-cis-hetro-normative social-conservatives."

Given that this is a Kardashian reality show - and I once swore hell would have to be frozen over before I would ever watch one of their shows - the first I Am Cait was actually not bad. Trust me on this, as I sit in hell putting my skates on while shooing penguins away from my slush-puppie, I’m as shocked as you all are.

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How To Fix Justice League 3001‘s Ongoing Transphobia

Oh Justice League 3001, pull up a chair. We need to have a few words. I know comics have a huge lead time and they are written well in advance; they are also not immutable and unchangeable, though. After the trouble that issue one romped into (more of that in a second) issue two has just come out. Is it any better? No, it’s not.

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You Should Give Star Vs The Forces of Evil a Try

Star Vs The Forces of Evil is different from most other cartoons aimed at girls.

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Review: Invader Zim #1 From Oni Press – Zim Is Back

When Invader Zim first aired way back in 2001, the show was a departure for Nickelodeon. They wanted more adult shows to increase their audience, but I’m not sure they knew what they were getting with Jhonen Vasquez. Zim was different. But now Invader Zim is back! Oni Press have apparently plied Vasquez with a mixture of happy gases (78% N2, 21% O2) and money, allowing them to release all new Invader Zim comics. This is the real Zim, not a New Coke and not a cash-in.

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Airboy #2’s Transmisogynistic Tropes and Their Dangerous Impact on Trans Women

I’m sick of being a punching bag, of having to explain why things are bad all the time. And I’m utterly sick of cisgender guys saying ‘Oh this isn’t bad, I don’t see what the fuss is about.’ You can go to Twitter now and see leading comic creators saying exactly that.

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Batman: Arkham Knight Suffers from Its Terrible Treatment of Female Characters

Batman: Arkham Knight is damaged by lazy storytelling and misogyny.

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Gender-Swapped Jones: Nine Leading Ladies We’d Like to See Cast in Iconic Male Action Hero Roles

I recalled a comment that I read on TMS a little while back, to paraphrase it went a little bit like this: ‘Gender swapping is lazy, make your own characters!’ To me this misses the point, gender swapping characters can be a very powerful message about gender stereotyping.

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Splatoon Exemplifies Everything Nintendo Does Best

We love you, Nintendo.

When you look at the car industry, the big innovator that others copy is Mercedes Benz. In the console world, it’s Nintendo.

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What’s in a Name: How Caitlyn Jenner’s Reveal Impacts Transgender Women Outside the Public Eye

Caitlyn Jenner, former Olympian and reality show star, announced her name via Twitter, and in four hours became the fastest person to ever get one million followers. The reaction was huge and in the time I’ve written this, late at night on the West Coast, there has been another 100+ tweets written about her. It’s been a roller coaster ride of a day for so many transgender people, trans women especially. For me it has been particularly hard.

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The Mary Sue Interview: A Trans Man on Representation, Visibility, and Aydian Dowling

Recently there has been a lot of talk about Aydian Dowling. He’s in competition run by Men’s Health Magazine, where one of their readers could become their next cover model; someone who has leadership, has helped their community, and exemplifies the fitness goals of the magazine. Aydian has done all those, and then some. Currently he’s way ahead in the magazines public voting poll and it seems like he’s going to win easily. So why is this news outside of the fitness geek circle?

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The Opening Scene of Witcher 3 Has The Most Butt I’ve Ever Seen In A Video Game

Bottoms. Buttocks everywhere.

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#Occupotty 2: Return of Occupotty, The Debate That Never Ends

#Occupotty 2: Return of Occupotty

The bathroom debate won’t go away. I’m scrolling though Twitter, tea in one hand, warm cat on my lap, and I read another piece describing awful transphobia toward a seven-year-old girl in Canada. Cisgender people somehow think that trans people are a danger to them in bathrooms; it’s an idea that drives past ignorance and into the desert of bigotry, but it’s an idea uninformed politicians don’t want to shake.

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The Bruce Jenner Effect: On Trans Visibility In The Media

By this point almost everyone that wanted to watch the Bruce Jenner: The Interview from Diane Sawyer on US ABC will have watched it. About 17 million watched the show as it aired; I’d hazard a guess that if you add in DVR, streaming, torrents and time turners that figure is closer to 23 million. That’s a lot of people watching a US sport star come out as transgender.

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Today Is The International Transgender Day of Visibility, And Here’s Why It Matters

Matters a lot.

March 31st 2015 marks the sixth International Transgender Day of Visibility. The goal of the day is to celebrate life and transgender accomplishments while raising awareness of the discrimination that faces trans people on a daily basis. So if you know someone who is trans, tell them today that you support them, and that they matter. In person, on the Facebook, the Twitter, or the Tumblr, it doesn’t matter; do it!

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What It’s Like Attending Emerald City Comicon As A Family

Because bringing the fam to a con is a whole different thing.

I learned a number of things when our little family of geeks travelled across to Emerald City this year - and some of these things might even be relevant to you. Come hold hands and enter the realm of the large green Comicon. I’ve been to events like this before so this wasn’t my first con, but it was my first Emerald City. It was a positive experience, and I’ll be going again for sure, but that’s not to say it doesn’t have pitfalls - and some of those are literal.

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