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The Easter Egg To End All Grand Theft Auto Easter Eggs Has Officially Been Found in GTAV

Yup. It finally happened.


Mild spoilers for those of you who haven’t finished playing the game — though if you’re a longtime fan of the series, you probably know the exact Easter Egg we’re talking about.

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No, seriously. Everybody who really cares about spoilers should leave.



That it? Just us now? Okay.


You guessed it. They found Bigfoot.

Long rumored to be a hidden feature in previous Grand Theft Autos and other Rockstar games (he even had a confirmed appearance in a Red Dead Redempton DLC), the mysterious Sasquatch has roamed throughout the hidden corners of gamers imaginations for years.

In the below video by NextGenGamer1084, you can clearly see Bigfoot’s heat signature and lumbering body before he vanishes in mid-air. Hey, there’s an idea — maybe the reason that we haven’t found the real Bigfoot yet is because he can apparate? If that’s the case, then clearly all we need to do to capture him is to lure him within the grounds of Hogwarts. You know, in the alternate universe where both Bigfoot and Hogwarts exist for real. It could work!

Reddit user OscartheSwede confirms that the Easter Egg isn’t just a fluke glitch with these photos he posted yesterday. They’re a little blurry, but this is Bigfoot we’re talking about here. If they were clear images, we’d all be calling shenanigans on ’em.

(via Kotaku and Reddit, image via Grand Theft Auto V)

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