Butcher Billy Mashes Up Street Fighter with 90’s Grunge

This better inspire Dave Grohl to write a song called "Hadouken!"
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The early 1990’s were a time ruled by grunge rock and video games, so one of our favorite artists, Butcher Billy, decided to put those two things together and create Grunge Street Fighters. He’s paired some of the most iconic grunge rockers with the characters of Street Fighter and the result is amazing.

On his Behance.net page, Billy writes:

As a teenager in the early 90’s I was exposed to a lot of the aggression coming from the distorted guitars, growling vocals and angst-filled lyrics of the grunge movement, emerging to shake things up in the music scene from that time.

Meanwhile the gaming scenario was dominated by the cuteness of Super Mario until the arrival of Street Fighter – players turned head-to-head combat into the primary game mode, only to be smashed by a Lightning Kick, a Sonic Boom, a Tiger Uppercut or the popular Hadouken.
This is a collection of pieces combining the two universes – under the concept the devastating special attack combos were as aggressive and mind-boggling as grunge’s powerful and heavily distorted guitar riffs.

Billy has a lot of his other work available on the site Society6. It doesn’t look like any of the Grunge Fighter images are available at the moment. He told us it would be some time before they were ready because he’ll be offering signed art prints, and that has us very excited.

Take a look at his latest work Grunge Street Fighters:

[geekovision id=276]


If any game designers out there wanted to take this to its logical conclusion — a playable Grunge Street Fighters game — we certainly wouldn’t hold it against you.

(via Butcher Billy)

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