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Super Rock Stars as Superheroes Are Super Great to Look At

Super Pop Stars Cover

Hey, can we talk for a minute about how great Butcher Billy is at making things that pique my interest? The answer is that he’s really freaking great at it. He’s mashed up supervillains with real-world bad guys and swapped Batmen. (Batmans?) Now he has a batch of Post-Punk/New Wave¬†Super Friends. Butcher Billy gets me.

These redesigned comic book covers replace some of the most iconic DC characters¬†with some of the most recognizable icons of the ’80s music scene. Take a look at the likes of Morrissey as Superman, Ian Curtis as Batman, Billy Idol as Aquaman — because he was pretty much the Aquaman of ’80s music — and more.

Super Morrisey

Flash Devo

PIL Firestorm

Billy Idol Aquaman

Robert Smith Plastic Man

Ian Curtis Batman

Souixsie Wonder Woman

These are all 100% tremendous. Butcher Billy also sent us his mashup of Gremlins with celebrities in rehab, but it tragically fell to the wayside, but if you like Gremlins, celebrities with problems, or mashups, it’s totally worth your time.

(via Butcher Billy’s Page)

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