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Let’s Put a Smile on That Face: Someone Mashed Up the Nolan and Burton Batman Films


Are they taking nominations for the MacArthur Fellows Program? We only ask because the person who made this series of mashup photos combining the Christopher Nolan and Tim Burton Batman films is a genius of the highest order. user Butcher Billy is the one behind this particular set of wonders, and we’d need Joker gas to smile more than we have at their work.

If you ever wanted to see Michael Keaton dance with Anne Hathaway, or wonder what it would look like if Jack Nicholson stuck his head out the window of a moving cop car, then you’re going to want to check out these photos. Some are obvious, but a few are subtle enough that someone might miss the mashup at first glance. Either way, they’re all pretty brilliant.

[geekovision id=197]


We removed one image from the gallery since it could be considered a potential Dark Knight Rises spoiler. You can check it out on Butcher Billy’s Behance page.


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