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These Pop Culture and Video Game Mashup Posters Are Almost Too Much to Handle

This round of mashups by Butcher Billy are a little harder to describe than his previous work, but they're no less amazing.

Donkey Kong

If there’s anyone better at mashing things together than Butcher Billy, I’m almost afraid to hear about them, because this is about as much awesome as I can stand. In his latest round of mashups, Billy pulled from a lot of different sources. Each one is centered on a video game, but some include actors while others include musicians, movies, or albums. They’re all tremendous.

We’ve got all the GIFs of Billy’s latest work, and they’re bizarre and beautiful. His “Mistress Pac-Man” manages to fit just about every cultural reference into a single image. Fair warning, there’s one of David Bowie as Kratos with shifty little eyes that is incredibly creepy.

[geekovision id=253]

If you’re interested in ordering some of Billy’s work you can head over to his page.

(via Behance)

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