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More Geek Cosplay With the Grandparents: Now With Darth Vader!

We Can Be Heroes

Photographer/faithful grandson Sacha Goldberger continues to warm our geeky hearts with his third photo shoot, this one featuring a special guest: Darth Vader. In this photo essay, Super Mamika and Mister Papkia take on the evil Sith Lord! By the way — has anyone seen Super Mamika?

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Look at these chums! It’s like they have nothing against each other at all. Maybe this is a different Vader! A parallel universe Vader!

You know, you’d never think this could happen to Mister Papika with all those superpowers.

Trying to out-Force each other.

Looks like Mister Papkia has the upper hand in this one. Or Darth Vader thinks he has something to prove.

Shave break.

They are so meta!

Okay, enough messing around — where is Super Mamika?

No way

And that’s the end of this installment of The Adventures of Super Mamika and Mister Papika! — Or is it?

(via Fashionably Geek)

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