Go Google “Zerg Rush” Right Now, Have Your Search Results Devoured

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Google is rather fond of hiding little easter eggs in their search page, but today’s is a doozy. In an homage to Blizzard’s StarCraft series, if you search for “zerg rush” your screen will be filled with innumerable attackers that you must destroy. The perfect way to waste time on a lazy Friday.

It’s simple to do. Just go to Google.com, type in “zerg rush” and hit enter.

As soon as your browser navigates to the search results, your screen will be filled with Os, leaping in true Zergling-fashion toward elements on the page. Your humble cursor is now a crosshair; use it to shoot the ever lovin’ crap out of the Os before they destroy everything. There are even health bars atop your enemies and page elements.

Unfortunately, yours is a doomed cause and you will soon be overrun. But once you lose, you can share your kill score through Google+ to brag about your “victory.”

Next week on Google: Dark Templar rush? Please say yes.

(via Gizmodo)

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