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Enter the TARDIS on Google Maps

Next week: Keep an eye out for the double arrows leading to the floating market.


Screen Shot 2013-08-13 at 2.36.41 PMVisit Earl’s Court Road on Google Street View, and click on the double arrows. End up in a time machine. Yep, that’s just about how most of my trips to London go.

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We have to give major props to whoever came up with this particular easter egg. After all, these are the people who knew to warn us from attempting to walk into Mordor.

via Google Maps

via Google Maps


Hopefully we’ll get a few superhero hideouts next.

The only downside is the limit to the creators’ imagination; if you try to explore the TARDIS, you quickly realize that you’ll be stuck in an infinite loop. Quite the metaphor about getting trapped in the idea of a fictitious universe, one in which an enigmatic figure has the ability to rewrite time, yet is himself continually drawn to one country on one planet in one galaxy…

That got darker than intended.

But if you think about it, moving from the Louvre or an underwater shipwreck to another universe was really the next logical step. But Google, come on. You can pay your interns better than many full-time employees and keep a masseuse on staff. I don’t want to limit myself to this computer screen. Get on with making a TARDIS.

(via Jalopnik)

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