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Google Street View Now Takes You Into NASA’s Kennedy Space Center

Is there anything that hasn’t been mapped by Google? Google Maps has teamed up with NASA to bring the Kennedy Space Center to the Internet. Now we can walk the path of astronauts and people who take humanity to its farthest. See what they see, what’s behind our loftiest achievements, and dream of slipping our surly bonds.

The Kennedy Space Center has inspired generations of Americans. It is where we watched with bated breath as rockets blasted off for the outer reaches. Now, we get to see its transition into a multipurpose launch complex in great detail. The full collection has 6,000 panoramic views of its facilities, including the Apollo/Saturn V Center, the Space Station Processing Facility, the firing rooms, and the Space Shuttle Orbiters.

The video also walks under the wings of the Endeavour Space Shuttle and looks down from the top of launch pad 39A, where the space shuttle Discovery was launched. You don’t get to do that on the guided tours, but now you can experience it through the power of the web.

I’m going to go explore now, with the Portal Space Core in my head. Then I’m going to go to Google Sky to complete the experience. Living vicariously isn’t so bad if you get to go to space.

(Google via The Verge)

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