Google Glass Isn’t Even Out Yet, and People Want To Ban You From Using It While Driving

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We haven’t been shy about the fact that we’re really excited for Google Glass, but it turns out not everyone shares our enthusiasm. Lawmakers in West Virginia are looking to pass a preemptive ban on drivers using the device while operating a vehicle. They say it is an extension of existing no-texting-while-driving policies, but wouldn’t Google Glass actually help solve that problem?

The issue with texting and driving is that to text, you most likely have to be looking at your phone and not at the road. That’s a problem when you’re in a half-ton metal box that’s going 80 mph down the highway.

Google Glass puts all that information directly in your line of sight. You don’t have to take your eyes off the road to use it, so wouldn’t it improve the situation rather than making it worse? I’ll admit you’re not paying as much attention to the road if you’re sending a message with Google Glass, but it’s probably a lot less distracting than looking away from the road and down at your phone.

The bill was introduced by Republican Gary G. Howell in the West Virginia Legislature. Howell says he was inspired by CNET’s article on Glass to write the bill, but he admits he’s not sure it will pass. Surprisingly, Howell also admits he likes the idea of Google Glass and even said “I believe it is the future.” Looks like Howell just doesn’t want the future to have anything to do with how you drive your car.

Although at the rate Google is going, it probably won’t be long before you’re using Google Glass to drive your car anyway.

(via CNET, image via IwateBuddy)

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