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New Google Technology to Wage War on Internet Spoilers by Tapping Into Your Viewing History



Spoilerphobes, rejoice! Google has just patented a system that will block out Internet spoilers for shows you watch automatically. It’s hard to know how well it will work out in practice until they’ve got the system up and running—or maybe we do know the future, but we don’t want to spoil it for you. Yeah, let’s go with that.

The spoiler filter would work simply enough: just allow Google access to your viewing history on your movie and television service of choice—probably in the same way you’ve already given them control over basically everything else with your Google account—and they’ll reward that trade of privacy by blocking out web content relating to what you haven’t gotten around to watching yet. Unfortunately, it’s only designed for the Internet and won’t work on that IRL friend who somehow had time to watch an entire season in the first two days it was on Netflix—for that, we recommend the original spoiler bar: duct tape.

But it should be effective on things like, for example, or warnings such as,  about Lost. Oh, is today 4/8/15?

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