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That Passengers Twist You’ve Heard About Wasn’t a Twist At All, It’s the Entire Premise of the Movie

And yes, it IS awful.

Over the last day or so, you may have been hearing about the terrible twist in the new sci-fi movie Passengers. But here's the thing. The plot twist, while just as awful as you've heard, isn't really a plot twist at all—it's just the plot.

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[VIDEO] Spoiler Talk: Reflections on 10 Cloverfield Lane

It's almost impossible to talk about what makes 10 Cloverfield Lane worthwhile and remarkable without spoiling it -- so The Mary Sue's Lesley Coffin decided not to even try. If you don't want to get spoiled, check out our spoiler-free coverage, go see the movie and then come back here afterwards!

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Trolls are Spoiling The Force Awakens on Star Wars: Battlefront

It's sad and disappointing that there are people out there who can't seem to allow others the same opportunity they had to find out all the secrets that Lucasfilm and Disney have been keeping so tightly under wraps.

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Spoilers Gonna Spoil: Stephen Colbert, Harrison Ford, and Reddit Propose Solutions for Force Awakens Spoilers

Why does there gotta be so many Internet douchebags? The Force Awakens hasn't even been screened to most of the general public yet, and there are already n'er-do-wells online purposely spoiling people.

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Damon Lindelof Admits Mistake in Not Revealing Khan in Star Trek Into Darkness; Should He Have To?

I believe fans should be active, rather than passive consumers of media content. We should engage with it, as well as with creators, as part of us better understanding ourselves and the world, as well as ensuring that mass media doesn't do more harm to those who enjoy it than good. However, sometimes I think fans sometimes go too far in their "need to know," often ruining the effect that storytellers want their stories to have.

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Things We Saw Today: Embrace Your Inner Cyborg With These Temporary Tattoos

These Tech Tats are just plain cool and they're a creation from Chaotic Moon Studios, using conductive inks that sit on the surface of the skin as well as a microcontroller that has the ability to send and receive data. We're all one step closer to raising our cyborg cosplay game.

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Elizabeth Olsen on Captain America: Civil War‘s Intense Filming Lockdowns

Elizabeth Olsen shared some information on how Marvel protects its movies from springing leaks, and the words "government" and "strict" immediately come to mind.

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David Lynch Not Happy About Twin Peaks Leaks, Spoilers Online

Twin Peaks is a cult classic TV show that's finding itself having to adjust to existing in a brand new place and time.

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Mad Max: Fury Road: George Miller’s Feminist Answer to His Own Franchise?


According to early reviews, Fury Road is a near-perfect film, celebrated for its special effects, stunts, and performances (not only from Charlize Theron, but from Tom Hardy as well). So why is the MRAs’ reaction to Fury Road so strong – and negative?

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Lady Thor’s Secret Identity Revealed, Just As Badass As We Thought

Spoilers lieth ahead. Duh-eth.

One of comics' most recent tightly-held secrets, the identity of lady Thor, is set to be uncovered in a brand new issue of Thor due out tomorrow. However, in an interview with Vulture, Thor writer Jason Aaron spilled the beans on who's been wielding Mewmew in these past issues. 'Sif you needed to be reminded, there are spoilers ahead, folks. Prepare yourselves accordingly.

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Now You Can Print Wearable Game of Thrones Spoiler Tags to Keep You Safe for Season 5

Spoilar morghulis.

Do you love Game of Thrones, but tire of navigating the treacherous intricacies involved in having a conversation with another human being at any point during a season's run without risk of spoilers? Instead of walling yourself inside your home to seek protection from these dangerous White Talkers, now you can just use these convenient, real-life spoiler tags!

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New Google Technology to Wage War on Internet Spoilers by Tapping Into Your Viewing History


Spoilerphobes, rejoice! Google has just patented a system that will block out Internet spoilers for shows you watch automatically. It's hard to know how well it will work out in practice until they've got the system up and running—or maybe we do know the future, but we don't want to spoil it for you. Yeah, let's go with that.

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George R.R. Martin, the Man Who Already Knows the Ending of Game of Thrones, Doesn’t Get the Concept of “Spoilers”

Easy for you to say, George, easy for you to say...

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Netflix Research Reveals Our Depraved Love of Spoilers; Americans’ Inability to Shut Their Pie Holes

Loose lips ruin ships.

My fellow Americans, it is time to 'fess up. According to new Netflix research, there's a spoiler epidemic in our country, and nearly all of us are guilty of prematurely revealing an important plot point to someone else. So why can't we keep our Yank mouths shut?

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Clever Animation Lampoons Taboo Spoilers In Different Fandoms

As a Firefly late bloomer, I owe you, Internet.

We here at The Mary Sue have a lot of opinions about spoilers, as does the rest of nerd-dom, obviously. In her new animation Leigh Lahav depicts the egregious sin of spoiling a beloved geeky entity for one's friends—a transgression second only to insulting another's ship.

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Things We Saw Today: Cornetto Trilogy Figurines Have Got Some Red On ‘Em

Let's just go to the Winchester and wait for all this to blow over.

A Large Evil Corporation (excellent name is excellent) has produced three sets of highly-detailed vinyl figurines to honor Nick Frost and Simon Pegg's characters in each installment of the beloved Cornetto Trilogy.

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TiVo-Led Survey Says That Your Friends and Co-Workers Are Most Likely to Spoil You

But at least time-traveling future daughters and wives have your back.

The Internet is a treacherous place for those of us who aren't caught up on the latest episode of whatever television show everyone is talking about. According to a new survey by TiVo (hey, that's still a thing! Who knew?), though, its our friends who we should really be avoiding. Presumably so we can sit inside and watch more programs on our TiVos, I'm guessing.

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Dorkly Teaches You How to Avoid Spoilers for That Book You’re Reading

Spoiler Alert: Dorkly's got your back.

Reading a book, but worried you'll have it spoiled by actually finding out what happens? Dorkly has you covered with this comic that gives you helpful tips on avoiding those nasty, nasty spoilers.

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Are There Rules for Spoilers? Should There Be?

Spoiler alert! Probably not.

Personally, I believe in a statute of limitations, whereby you no longer have to feel responsible for not spoiling things after they've been around long enough, but you still shouldn't do it on purpose like a jerk. Of course, what exactly even constitutes a spoiler is different for different people, so maybe the Internet prophylactic method suggested by Emily Eifler would be a better way to go. PBS Idea Channel tried to find some other solutions. Get working on the spoiler condom, science.

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BBC Accidentally Leaks Doctor Who Series 8 Scripts, Asks Fans Not to Ruin It for Each Other


Spoilerphobes, beware! The scripts for the first five episode's of Peter Capaldi's run as The Doctor have leaked on the Internet, and the BBC is hoping that fans won't spoil it for each other. Don't Google. Google and you're dead. Spoilers are fast—faster than you can believe. Don't turn your back. Don't look away. And don't Google. Good luck.

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