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If You’re Going to San Francisco (Be Sure To Wear A GLaDOS In Your Hair)

And I'll Form the Head!

Be not fooled. This is no ordinary tiny sculpted model of GLaDOS. It’s a tiny sculpted model of GLaDOS that doubles as a hair accessory.

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Daisy of Tired But Wired just received a pretty awesome and unique birthday present, if we may say so ourselves. One that we can only imagine will be dispensing with the disparaging comments about her individual mass, relative intelligence, and family status forthwith.

The tiny GLaDOS comes crafted by Luke Walker, whose Tumblr you may visit here. Maybe some lucky person will be able to wrangle another out of him, maybe some savvy company can work with him to manufacture on a larger scale, in which case we can only reccomend that you wear your tiny GLaDOS with matching long fall socks.

(via Kotaku.)

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