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Give Black Cat Her Live-Action Due!

Black Cat comic panel

For a character who is beloved in the world of comics, Felicia Hardy hasn’t really had her time. By that, I mean her time in the live-action world. With three separate movie franchises built around Peter Parker, you’d think that we’d have more of her in our films. Instead, we have Felicity Jones in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, and … that’s pretty much it. (Granted, we were supposed to have her in one of the Raimi films, but alas.)

So now, with a plethora of rumors surrounding the Spider-Verse (like the fact that we could be getting a show led by Silk and the Olivia Wilde movie heading our way) and who we’re going to get in the live-action form, my pitch is for a Black Cat anything Whether it’s just in the Tom Holland movies or in a franchise all her own, Felicia Hardy deserves her time.

For years, we’ve been teased about a Silver & Black movie that focuses on Silver Sable and Black Cat, but we haven’t gotten it yet, and while Black Cat was supposed to show up in Spider-Man 4, we know what happened there with the Sam Raimi films. Born the daughter of cat burglar Walter Hardy, Felicia is the kind of character who always wanted the best for herself.

But she isn’t a happy character. A life filled with lies and men who have turned on her and hurt her, Felicia dedicates herself to studying acrobatics and fighting styles to get her revenge. The problem is that her “revenge” is taken from her when the man she wants to hurt for how he abused her dies in a car accident before she has the chance.

All of this forces Felicia to follow in her father’s footsteps, and eventually, she ends up having a relationship with Peter Parker, until he reveals himself to the world. Obviously, all of this will fit in differently in the way the live-action Spider-Man world is building now, but it’s still a character that we deserve to see.

Felicia Hardy is incredibly interesting, and watching her fit into the Tom Holland world would be exciting for fans of Black Cat, as well as for fans of the new version of Spidey. Basically, I just want more of the Spider-Family to be explored. For so many years, we’ve been teased about these characters in live-action form, but we’ve never really gotten them. But now, it seems as if Sony is trying to give us more and more of our heroes and villains, and I, personally, can’t wait. Just make sure I get Black Cat sooner rather than later, please and thank you.

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