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Marvel’s Silk Is Reportedly Getting a Live-Action TV Show and I’m Ready for Cindy Moon

My Spider-Babies keep coming

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Cindy Moon, much like the entire Spider-Verse, is a character who has an incredibly interesting backstory and is a strong standalone hero all on her own. The problem with the world of Spider-Man as a whole is that there are so many characters that it can be easy to lose track of them or miss out on someone’s debut. So we can’t wait for Cindy’s adventures to reach an even wider audience.

According to Variety, Silk is getting her time to shine. In a new live-action television show reportedly being developed by Sony, which owns the rights to the Spider-Verse, Cindy Moon will be the focus. A Korean-American classmate of Peter’s, Cindy has a story that is linked to Peter Parker in tangled ways (sorry), and after a short-lived romance, the two still remained connected throughout their own paths of heroism.

Cindy is taken away when a man named Ezekiel Sims decides to train her, realizing that Cindy is being tracked by Morlun. Stuck training with her powers for years, Cindy is released by Peter Parker, who informs her that Morlun is dead.

While the show is a “rumor” right now, it’s still exciting to see the Spider world potentially branching out in this fashion. Phil Lord and Chris Miller are rumored to be executive producing, but really the exciting part is that Lauren Moon, who is Korean-American herself, is in talks to write it. Moon has worked on shows like Netflix’s Atypical and Freeform’s Good Trouble.

So, what does all of this mean for Cindy Moon and the world of my Spider-Children? It’s growing, and fast. Silk was rumored to have her own movie in development, and there are Into the Spider-Verse spin-offs floated that would star its female characters. Most recently director Olivia Wilde hinted at her involvement with a female-centric Spider movie for Sony. As I said earlier, the Spider-Verse is a vast world of characters and heroes that we haven’t even begun to see on screen yet. And right now, I think that the world needs a few more characters like Cindy Moon to look up to.

Silk is responsible for bringing the Spider team together. While her connection to Peter was exclusive to Peter Parker (not any of the other versions of Peter out there in the Spider world), she still grew into her own hero completely separate from Peter and was a beacon all her own.

A lot of the evolving Spider mythos harkens back to Peter Parker, but what I love about it is that these characters are so smart and unique and that they aren’t important just because of that connection. They’re bigger than anything that Peter Parker gives to them, and maybe that’s why the Spider world is the one that has characters that are easy to relate to and fast cherish.

Cindy Moon did have her own moment in the live-action world when Tiffany Espensen brought Cindy to life in Spider-Man: Homecoming. No one is sure whether or not that means that Espensen would play Moon in this version, but the fact that the character has started to make her own connections in the Tom Holland Spider-Man movies already is promising.

I’m incredibly excited about the prospect of a Silk series, and I’m definitely into the idea of branching the Spider-Verse out in this way. The more we learn about these fantastic characters, the better.

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