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Gillian Anderson Looking for Love, “Gender Irrelevant.” Have Mercy.



Gillian Anderson has spoken publicly before about her unwillingness to settle, and it seems that determination has paid off: in a recent interview with The Telegraph, the once and future X-Files star explained “I’m so lucky to have such great work. I’ve got a fantastic life, I have a wonderful relationship with my kids, and there’s nothing lacking.”

But Anderson’s not adverse to the idea of dating, either:  “I’m leaning towards the idea that it’s time for somebody to be brave enough to ask me out.” (I will have your confidence, My Immortal Queen!) When asked by the interviewer if she’s open to another relationship with a woman, Anderson added “I wouldn’t discount it. I did it before and I’m not closed to that idea. To me a relationship is about loving another human being; their gender is irrelevant.”

It’s important to note that although the actress is open to dating all genders, she’s clarified in the past that she doesn’t identify as gay (she’s never specified how she identifies), and has expressed “dismay/horror/disgust” with media outlets for making assumptions about her sexuality and for exploiting admissions about her personal life.

That being said, in the same way that Anderson’s feminism may help in some small part to remove the label’s stigma, I think our interest in her romantic life goes beyond gossip or the media’s insatiable desire to sexualize women–regardless of if Anderson identifies as part of the LGBTQ+ spectrum, her outspokenness about an attraction to people of all genders serves as a reminder (albeit a teeny-tiny one) that heteronormative relationships aren’t necessarily the default.

According to The Telegraph, the actress has also worked in the past to dispel bigoted ideas about same-sex relationships–the only time Anderson has considered using Twitter (a social media person typically handles the site for her) was to address hateful comments about her relationships with women:

The one time Anderson was tempted to Tweet herself was when she mentioned to a US magazine that in her youth she had several relationships with women. This caused social media outrage among die-hard conservatives in the Bible Belt. “I was so close – and I mean minutes away – from Tweeting back, but somebody had the presence of mind stopped me,” says Anderson, ruefully

When she tells me what she was going to Tweet, it is so appallingly rude and inflammatory that it’s my turn to get a fit of the nervous giggles, but Anderson – who clearly feels very strongly – will only allow herself the hint of a smile that could well be a self-righteous smirk.


As for her The Fall costar Jamie Dornan (because we live in an opposite universe where it’s now impossible for interviewers to talk to Anderson without asking about Dornan):

“So, Gillian,” I say. “Have you seen Jamie Dornan, your serial killer co-star in The Fall getting his Christian Gray kit off in Fifty Shades?”

“No,” she demurs, copping out of the question with non-committal diplomacy. “I’ve been too busy. I’m either filming or on planes or putting my sons to bed.”

Too busy to make time for young Jamie whipping and chaining and rumpy-pumpying? Come on, woman, haven’t you got a pulse? Aren’t you even a little bit curious?

“I will see it,” she insists. “I am very interested to see his – range.” The imperceptible pause is too perfect an opportunity to ignore.

Gillian Anderson: maker of dick jokes, champion chicken nugget eater, flawless, male tear-dwelling Naiad. I’m off to make me a willow cabin at your gate.


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