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The Best and Worst Reactions to Yesterday’s Female Ghostbusters Casting News

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Yesterday was a time of much rejoicing at The Mary Sue HQ: the cast for Paul Feig’s lady-centric Ghostbusters reboot was finally announced after months of rumors, and turned out to be way more diverse than expected. Of course, for every Internet user excited for Feig’s addition to the franchise, there was a self-appointed gatekeeper to the Ghostbusters legacy terrified beyond the capacity for rational thought that an all-female film will be a gimmicky, pandering disaster. For your convenience, we’ve compiled some of the most memorable reactions to yesterday’s news – from the ones that didn’t pass ghost-muster to the Twitter users we think deserve a reboot role.

In other bustin’ updates, during an interview with IGN yesterday several hours before the casting news broke, Ivan Reitman explained why he chose not to return to the franchise:

Between Billy Murray’s reluctance in doing another one – and especially when I returned from Harold Ramis’s funeral – I realised that actually, I may be able to talk Bill into doing another one, but I certainly can’t talk Harold into it. But I felt it needed fresh eyes as a director and somebody with new ideas. I had already done two of them and I love the franchise, so I would continue as a producer but give somebody else the opportunity to bring their own ideas to this wonderful franchise.

And on Feig’s role in the creative process:

He’s a really terrific director of comedy. He’s done particularly well with actors who are female and his idea of doing this where the Ghostbusters are women was actually a terrific way to look at this afresh and not say ‘Oh well that person’s not as good as Bill’ and ‘That person’s not as good as Danny.’ It would cut down on those kind of comparisons and you could just deal with the idea, which I really believe in.

And yet… Twitter.

So far, I’d say Feig is hitting it out of the park. I love this plan, and I’m excited to be a part of it.

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