Nebula Award Nominated Novelist Genevieve Valentine To Take Over DC’s Catwoman Title

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We had a fun DC Comics exclusive earlier today but just got a nifty one too. One of their contributors, who also happens to be an awesome Nebula Award nominated sci-fi novelist, has just been announced as the new writer of Catwoman.

Here’s the official release from DC:

DC Comics announces KLARION a new ongoing comic book series and an exciting new direction and creative team on CATWOMAN!

Klarion the Witch Boy makes his New 52 debut and stands for the forces of chaos in a new ongoing series from writer Ann Nocenti (CATWOMAN, KATANA) and artist Trevor McCarthy (BATWOMAN, BATMAN ETERNAL).

Replacing Nocenti on CATWOMAN is newcomer Genevieve Valentine (Girls at the Kingfisher Club, Mechanique, Geek Wisdom) along with artist Garry Brown (Five Ghosts, Iron Patriot). Spinning out of events in BATMAN ETERNAL, Selina Kyle has accepted the family mantle and embraced her true criminal side, but is Gotham City ready for her reign? And with the Cat away, who’s the stranger haunting the empty rooftops of the city?

KLARION #1 will be on sale October8th, while CATWOMAN #35 will hit shelves on October 22nd.

Can I just say, Klarion is getting his own title (as is Lobo we found out yesterday). Klarion the Witch Boy. Klarion. We’re losing Birds of Prey and Trinity of Sin: Pandora soon so it would be nice to see another DC woman get her time in the spotlight. Cass Cain. Just a suggestion.

We should take this time to do a little tally check on DC/Marvel’s solo titles featuring women.


  • Captain Marvel
  • Ms. Marvel
  • She-Hulk
  • Storm
  • Elektra
  • Black Widow

Marvel also currently has an all-female team in their X-Men title.


  • Catwoman
  • Supergirl
  • Batwoman
  • Batgirl
  • Harley Quinn
  • Worlds’ Finest
  • Wonder Woman

DC also has a second Wonder Woman title, Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman, debuting this fall. It should be noted, I had Susana Polo take a pass at this post to make sure I hadn’t forgotten anything and sure enough, I had! And while I’m admonishing myself for that, both of us find it just a little neat there are so many in existence for that to have happened in the first place. Let us know which titles you’re currently reading!

Back to Catwoman, Valentine told io9 a bit more about what’s in store for Selina in this new arc.

After the dust settles in Batman Eternal, Selina Kyle has discovered she’s part of a legacy she never knew before, and heir to the family business. She decides to accept the position, both because she sees a chance to restore a ruined Gotham and because, deep down, Selina’s always played power games against herself. In this arc, she’ll be coming face to face with what she’s willing to do to keep her power, on a scale that could shake the whole city.

And of course that will mean a few bumps along the way. “I think that Selina treasures her free agency; the thing that drives her to get in the suit some nights is simply that she can,” said Valentine. “Giving up that freedom for a responsibility of this scale is going to affect her more than she thinks.”

You can find out more about Valentine’s past work on her website. What do you think of the change-up and new titles?

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