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Batman: Arkham Origins Shows Off Genderswapped Assassin Copperhead

Holy Rusted Metal Batman!

The plot of Batman: Arkham Origins involves eight of the DC Universe’s greatest assassins coming to Gotham on Christmas Eve to attempt to win a the massive prize levied on Batman’s head by mob boss Black Mask, and when the game was announced, I immediately started making a mental list of all the best hitwomen DC had to offer. After all, it is a setting where Lady Shiva is widely considered to be the deadliest person in the world by a significant margin. Then you’ve got Cheshire, White Canary, and at a stretch perhaps even Batman Beyond‘s Curare… and that’s when this list starts looking a lot like a list of examples of the “killer Asian ninja lady” trope. And that’s a problem when it’s also a list of all the female mercenaries of the DCU. Maybe if we added Scandal Savage to the list we’d at least get some Latino diversity in there. Perhaps Warner Bros. Games Montreal was cognizant of this when they decided to make one of those eight assassins a genderswapped version of the usually male villain Copperhead… maybe not. But either way, I’m not complaining.

Update: Geoff Johns confirms this version of Copperhead will become the New 52’s version after the game’s release.

(via PCGamer.)

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