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Gender Reveals Need To Stop but This One Is Actually Pretty Great

This gender reveal is worth the wait.

Tulip stand in Adam Ruins Everything

If there are two things that the internet loves to clown on, it’s mothers-in-law and cringey gender reveal parties. We’ve posted previously about gender reveals gone wrong that were not only outdated but also outright dangerous.

However, one TikTok user has found a genuinely adorable and sweet way to reveal the gender to family members. In late February, @thankscassandra (aka Cassandra Burke) was expecting her fourth child and didn’t feel like going through the gender reveal process again. However, she did want to drag out the reveal for her nosey mother-in-law.

Her solution? Buy a not-yet-flowering tulip and present that as the gender reveal. If it blooms yellow, it’s a boy. If it flowers red/pink, it’s a girl. But until then, MIL will just have to wait until the flower blooms.

Cassandra documented the week-long wait on TikTok, including her mother-in-law’s attempts to get her son (Cassandra’s SO) to spill the beans early. One of the MIL’s videos ended with a sarcastic “Thanks Cassandra,” which quickly became a meme among viewers. Some party poopers pointed out that MIL could theoretically rip open a bud and find out without waiting, but MIL was a gardener and willing to play along with the game.

With each video, the anticipation and the audience grew with thousands of TikTok users waiting with MIL for the final reveal, with MIL rushing over so quickly, she forgot her glasses. Still, she didn’t need her glasses to see the color of the flowers.

The tulips had bloomed and they were pink! The family cheered and MIL shed happy tears, echoing a sincere “thanks Cassandra” for old time’s sake. A later video has since revealed that she has already gone out and bought ‘Baby Tulip’ a full wardrobe of pink baby onesies and accessories.

This was definitely better than the outright explosive gender reveals we’ve seen. It was a slow burn that built anticipation and poked fun at in-laws/extended family who feel entitled to know the gender of the upcoming child, while also ultimately being a happy family story.

Many TikTokers also are excited to try the idea with their own families as a way of establishing boundaries, while fans are suggesting Cassandra and MIL plant the tulip in the yard to preserve the memory, or even name the baby ‘Tulip’ in honor of the flower.

In any case, this series was truly special as this reveal wasn’t just a passing trend or an attempt at going viral, but a genuine memory that is bound to stay with this family forever.

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