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It’s the Return of the Geekosystem Podcast! Here’s Episode 4 “Reboot”

We're back, and we'll be posting every week even if it's just Glen talking to himself in the booth.


The Geekosystem Podcast is back! There’s a bit of a change in the lineup, but join Senior Editor Glen Tickle as he’s joined again by Associate Editor Victoria McNally and brand new Associate Editor Dan Van Winkle to discuss asteroids, Editors’ Picks, and a heated discussion about the reboot of Reboot.

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Here it is, Episode 4 “Reboot”.

In this episode the Geekosystem team argues about discusses the story of a newly discovered asteroid that just missed us, and is looping back around in 2032. NASA can’t say for sure that we’re safe, but they’re not 100% on that yet.

Not willing to settle for uncertainty, we started hashing a plan of our own to protect Earth from asteroids. That plan involves developing a Superman clone, which can only be accomplished if we first get a Wonder Woman movie. We’d like to say that makes more sense in context, but we’re not really sure that’s true.

For your Editors Picks this week, Victoria thinks everyone should check out the new Pokemon X/Y games. Dan recommends the book John Dies at the End, and Glen can’t get enough of Tom Lehrer’s “The Elements” song.

We have some strong opinions about how the folks rebooting Reboot should reboot Reboot. We argue about what the show needs to do to succeed. Glen geeks out about the Thundercats reboot to an absurd degree and makes bold claims about Game of Thrones. Dan steps in as the resident nunchuck expert, and the team finally comes together and agrees on what Reboot needs to do, albeit in a very roundabout way.

As always, our theme music is “Theme for Harold (var. 3)” by Kevin MacLeod.

(image via Reboot on DVD)

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