It’s the Geekosystem Podcast Episode 12 “End User License Disagreement”

Things change, Internet.
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What happens when a website changes its terms of service? Well, the Internet tends to go bananas. That’s our main topic this week as we’ve seen recent changes by YouTube, Reddit, and Twitter that all had pretty strong reactions from users. We also drop off our weekly editors’ picks. Enjoy!

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YouTube caused a huge stir when it allowed content to be flagged for copyrighted materials, and the gaming community had a bit of a fit. We discuss the possibility that they may be overreacting, and also all the additional overreactions we’ve seen for suggesting that they’re overreacting in the first place.

Reddit had some changes of their own, as they updated their terms to include some pretty broad and sweeping language that gives them boundless control over any submitted content.

Finally, not to miss out on the party, Twitter changed how their Block feature works, and got a fair amount of backlash for it before quickly reversing the decision. Why were people so upset? The Block isn’t a perfect tool for dealing with trolls, but it’s currently Twitter’s only option. Is restoring it enough, or do they need to do more? (The article Victoria is talking about during this segment, by the way, is this one from the On The Media blog).

We close out the show with some editors’ picks as well.

Victoria is prepping for the 12th Doctor by getting caught up on The Thick of It, and calls Peter Capaldi’s Malcom Tucker an “angry Scottish angel.”


Dan gets back to his gaming roots with the newly remastered Sonic the Hedgehog 2 for iOS and Android.


And Glen gets back in touch with his old friend — his Macbook from 2008, which happens to be the oldest computer that will run Mavericks, so he’s trying it out and thinks you should embrace the new update.


It’s a bit of a short episode and some abridged show notes this week, but we hope you like it nonetheless.

As always, our theme music is “A Theme for Harold (var. 3)” by Kevin MacLeod.

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