It’s the Geekosystem Podcast, Episode 9: “An Adventure In Pod and Cast”

That whooshing you hear totally isn't an echo. It's our... um, time machine! Yeah!
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This week on the Geekosystem podcast, we talk pretty much exclusively about the Doctor Who 50th anniversary special, because we are geeks and that is what we do. Plus, it’s pretty awesome working here, and we have some new editors picks to throw your way!

Check out Episode 9 here.

We start with the Doctor Who anniversary episode, “Day of the Doctor,” and go pretty in-depth regarding the episode’s plot, so let’s just put a big ol’ blanket spoiler warning for the entire podcast. Does “Hurt Doctor” sound too much like The Hurt Locker? What’s up with Peter Capaldi now? Are Glen and Dan both wrong in thinking that Donna Noble is the worst companion? (Yes, they totally are). Listen to find out!

Glen also brings up that we’re currently hiring for a three-month fellowship writing job here at Geekosystem, so we all talked about the weirdest things we’ve ever done for the site. Victoria talked about testing unusual candy and making swear words out of gummy letters; Dan mentioned that time he photoshopped the artist-formerly-known-as-Snoop-Dogg’s head onto Godzilla’s body; and Glen talks about the seedy underbelly of Punkin Chunkin. We’ll publish his article on the subject tomorrow, so check back for more.

Now for editors picks! Dan recommended An Adventure In Time and Space even though he hasn’t seen it yet. This is the docudrama that follows Doctor Who producer Verity Lambert and first doctor William Hartnell through their efforts to bring the show to television in the 60s. Check out the trailer below:

Victoria (who has some kind of a cold this week, so apologies for her random coughing) recommended the c_ntrollers, a Let’s Play-style video game-themed YouTube show hosted by our Weekend Editor, Sam Maggs, and her friend Soha. Here’s their latest episode at the time of this writing, which is about Arkham Origins:

Glen recommends the latest album by Mr. B the Gentleman Rhymer, Can’t Stop, Shan’t Stop. Mr. B is a member of the “chap-hop” community, which is exactly what it sounds like. Here’s one of the songs from his repertoire, “Just Like a Chap,” which is loosely inspired by Public Enemy’s “Harder Than You Think”:

On a side note, if you happen to be a Mr. B fan and you live in the Northeast, he apparently lost his banjolele in the back of a cab after his New York show last week, so maybe get in touch with the guy on his website if you’re willing to let him borrow yours? And listen to the podcast episode to hear the full story from Glen. It sure is a doozy.

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