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It’s Episode 35 of The Geekosystem Podcast “Hi, New Friends!”

Get to know your new Geekosystem pals by listening to our podcast.



It’s our first episode of The Geekosystem Podcast since the big merger that brought us to The Mary Sue. If you’re already a listener, it’s the same team and format as before. New to the podcast? Expect the four full-time former Geekosystem editors (and occasionally Sam) to talk about current geek news, Editors’ Picks, and friendship.

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Obviously we all had a lot of feelings about joining forces with The Mary Sue when we recorded this on Friday, so that took up much of the conversation this week. We discussed our reactions to the merger, and reader reactions to us joining the team.

As for your Editors’ Picks this week, Victoria is nostalgic for childhood Halloweens and embracing it with a video game.

My pick this week is Costume Quest, a great Halloween-themed game by Double Fine Productions about a group of kids who have to save their town (and one of their siblings, whose gender depends on which character you choose to play as) from evil candy-stealing monsters. To do this, they go around trick-or-treating with different costumes that give them incredible power-ups during timed RPG-style battles. Dressed as a robot? You can lay waste to ravenous trolls with a missile barrage. Are you wearing a Statue of Liberty costume? You can heal your party with the help of a screeching bald eagle and a bust of Abraham Lincoln. It’s a fun, engaging game with an adorable sense of humor, and it triggered a lot of really strong memories of being a kid on Halloween for me.

Carolyn is excited about Shakespeare in the Park, and also about Pedro Pascal in the park.


In lieu of picking ”Pedro Pascal as my boyfriend” I’m going to recommend Shakespeare in the Park, because a. The Viper himself will be playing Don John in Much Ado About Nothing, b.The Public’s outdoor shows are always excellent and, c., the festival is free. Much Ado is currently running at the Delacorte Theater in New York’s Central Park until July 6th, so if you want to take advantage of this opportunity to see Pascal play a more villainous role, start planning now–you’ll need to line up early for free tickets. This week’s performances run Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 8 pm. For a longer list, check out the Public Theater’s website. If you do miss out on Much Ado, King Lear will also be playing for free from July 22nd to August 17th–if you’re a Game of Thrones fan then you should be semi-prepared for the play’s body horror.

Dan’s pick flies in the face of Nintendo’s Reggie Fils-Aime who recently said he doesn’t think watching other people stream themselves playing videos games is fun. That’s exactly what Dan thinks you should do, and he thinks you should do it on Twitch. He’s on vacation this week, so if you want to hear his reasons why you’ll have to listen to the episode.

My pick this week is a show I’ve already written about on the site, but really think deserves another mention. Check out Doozers on Hulu.

Doozers is a children’s show that works to promote interest in STEM, problem solving, teamwork, and sustainability. It centers around four main characters, young doozers known as “The Pod Squad.” In each episode they’re faced with a challenge that they need to solve as a team. The solutions to those problems aren’t pre-determined like they are on other children’s shows where all the character has to do is pull a random item from their backpack (looking at you, Dora.) The Pod Squad has to think of a solution on their own, build it, and put it into action. It’s like a children’s version of The A-Team.

I’m not sure it has the same all-ages appeal as some other kid’s shows adults enjoy on their own, but as a parent it’s something I can enjoy watching with my daughter. If you need another endorsement, Doozers is hands down my daughter’s favorite show. I’ve seen a lot of shows aimed at small children, and Doozers is by far the best thing going. Let’s get to it and do, do, do it.

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