Argue About Bread in This Week’s Geekosystem Podcast “Toast Sandwich Inflartion”

More toast arguments than anyone would have expected.

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Shortly before recording this week’s episode we learned about the “toast sandwich,” which is a piece of toast between two pieces of un-toasted bread. Sounds harmless enough, right? Well, that didn’t stop us all from having very strong opinions about it — so much so that we replaced Editors’ Picks this week with spite.

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Toast sandwiches. That’s what we talked about this week — for almost the whole episode. Is toast bread? What makes a sandwich a sandwich? How can you tell your family is in trouble? All this and more springs out of our 45+ minute discussion about toast sandwiches.

For Editors’ Picks this week we skipped cultural recommendations in favor of recommending things to each other out of spite. First up is my pick: Bread knives.

Need to slice bread? Use a bread knife, DAN. These long, serrated blades are THE BEST AND MOST PERFECT TOOL FOR SLICING BREAD. Have a cake? BOOM! Bread knife. Not a vegetarian and looking to slice meat without tearing it to shreds like a monster? BREAD KNIFE.

Use the right knife for the job, kids. Unless you’re Dan. Then you’re banned from using a bread knife forever.

Dan was really into this week’s theme and picked toast sandwiches:

Seriously, Internet. Go make and eat a toast sandwich.

Victoria chose, “Not being in this room anymore… help?”

Carolyn’s pick is for the show Farts and Knives, which doesn’t exist, but is something we propose to Discovery channel in the episode. It would be a show about the science of farts and how to properly use knives. Think about it, Discovery.

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