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Geekolinks: 6/9

Tomato Pac Man

  1. Learn the science behind the Perfect Pop app (GeekSugar)
  2. Marvel’s Quicksilver situation gets werided, Avengers 2 casts their own (The Mary Sue)
  3. The story of a Twitter joke thief who got caught (UPROXX)
  4. Nestle and Mars accused of running Canadian “Chococate Cartel” (The Braiser)
  5. Watch Brian Williams rapping N.W.A.’s “Straight Outta Compton” (Hyper Vocal)
  6. Watch a bunch of people win $1 million on different game shows (Mental Floss)
  7. 10 fascinating interviews with Maurice Sendak (Flavorwire)

(Title pic via Reddit)

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