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Geekolinks: 6/2

Squirrel artists! Chuck Norris! Heartache! All that and more in today's Geekolinks!



  1. This Superhero Swimwear is Pretty Great (GeekSugar)
  2. These Upcycled Comics Collages Go WHOOSH (The Mary Sue)
  3. This Breakup Letter Is Hilarious To Us, Probably Not To The Guy Who Got It (UPROXX)
  4. Food Fight! Chuck Norris Takes On GMO’s (The Braiser)
  5. These Gorgeous Pictures Were Taken With Expired Film (Flavorwire)
  6. The Iron Sheik Has Opinions on Celebrities, and Here They Are (Hyper Vocal)
  7. This Rescued Squirrel is an Artist (Mental Floss)

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