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Geekolinks 2/6


double toilets

  1. The Winter Olympics start today! Here’s how to watch the Opening Ceremony (Mashable)
  2. Let’s just, um, hope Sochi is ready for this (Mental Floss)
  3. Speaking of which, here’s the event Sochi doesn’t want you to know about (The Jane Dough)
  4. Remember that fake Lesbian Russian pop group, t.A.T.u? They’re… playing at Sochi for some reason (Styleite)
  5. Does it really matter if the Red Hot Chili Peppers didn’t play the superbowl live? (Flavorwire)
  6. Saved By The Bell comics are now a thing you can buy (The Mary Sue)
  7. In an alternate Frozen universe, Elsa sets everything on fire (Neatorama)

(Title pic via @IlyaYashin on Twitter)

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