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Geekolinks 1/24



  1. The world’s tallest water slide is taller than Niagara Falls (Neatorama)
  2. Robocup is a mug that looks like Robocop, because of course you want that (The Mary Sue)
  3. Here. Have Finding Nemo redone with kittens, because this is the Internet (Laughing Squid)
  4. Catch up on the latest SHIELD and Ant Man news (UPROXX)
  5. There is no Nazi space alien conspiracy, but that won’t stop people from talking about it (HuffPo Weird)
  6. The longest man-made echo is 112 seconds long (Geekologie)
  7. Aubrey Plaza is slinging baby-threats at the writing staff of Parks and Rec (The Jane Dough)

(Title pic via bmihir on Reddit)

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