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Geekolinks 1/20


  1. The creator of Attack on Titan is pretty adamant about not defining one character’s gender (The Mary Sue)
  2. Did crowdfunding do more bad for Zach Braff’s Wish I Was Here than good? (Flavorwire)
  3. Conan O’Brien hangs out with his interns for a day (The Jane Dough)
  4. Want your iPhone to look like a pop tart? There’s a cover for that (GeekSugar)
  5. 15 things we learned from Bill Murray’s Reddit AMA (HuffPo Weird )
  6. How to tell if you’ve been abducted by aliens (Neatorama)
  7. 14 candid photos of Martin Luther King, Jr. (Mental Floss)

(Title pic via Imgur)

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