Geekend Roundup: September 28th and 29th

The Internet still happens on the weekends.
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Karen Nyberg won space mom of the year, and that’s not the only thing that happened over the weekend. Check out what you may have missed on Saturday and Sunday in today’s Geekend Roundup!

Saturday 9/28

Take a look at this new Doctor Who minisode written by Neil Gaiman

Bear Stearns Bravo guy feel bad for gaslighting that journalist

We found the final episode of The IT Crowd online

Sunday 9/29

Cygnus finally docked with the ISS

These 12 minutes of game play from The Evil Within are really frightening

We saw two new Doctor Who teasers that tell us nothing

Karen Nyberg made her son a dinosaur in space from scraps around the ISS

(Image via NASA)

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